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Posted by EmileBlake on 25 Feb 2015

Welcome to DeforestACTION!


The DeforestACTION Virtual Classroom is a space for you to:

  • Become INSPIRED by the wonders of the forest;
  • Become INFORMED by understanding the causes, impacts and politics of deforestation at the local and global level;
  • Become INVOLVED with students from around the world in creating a global action plan against deforestation.

The Virtual Classroom is preloaded with content and resources for you to start your DeforestACTION journey. For lesson plans and an overview of the DeforestACTION programme, please select 'assignments' under 'Your Classroom.'

TakingITGlobal Tools

The online TakingITGlobal Tools allow for students and teachers to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. This space can be tailored to meet your curriculum and delivery demands, please see the below list for ideas of how this space can be used: 

  • Create a DeforestACTION blog for your school to share their ideas;
  • Check out games, videos and websites about deforestation in bookmarks;
  • Ask questions and share your thoughts with other students as well as answer assignment questions on the discussion boards;
  • Post and comment on deforestation images, art work and pictures in the gallery;
  • Upload and share your files and writing related to deforestation;
  • Use the map to locate rainforests from around the world; and
  • Engage in real-time text and video chat.

If you require assistance using TIGed, you can drop into one of the weekly office hours advertised on the TIGed support page in order to ask questions or get a site tour in real-time, or send an email to The support page also provides video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Enjoy using this space to help your students become environmental stewards – today, and into the future!

Feel free to delete this announcement and post one of your own to welcome your students!


The TIGed Team


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